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Every week we work on building strength, increasing cardiovascular endurance, burning fat and building lean muscle. We incorporate a squat, deadlift, bench, and press each week into our programming as well as hitting core work, Olympic lifting and metabolic conditioning.


Whether you are a beginner or have been working out for years, our coaches will help you with your form, modify exercises when needed or be there to push you past your limits. If you’re ready to get FIT, these classes are for you.

Your first week of classes is free!


We have an unlimited class membership, or you can purchase a 10 class punch card (no membership required).
Click here for our class schedule.

All levels of fitness are welcome! Call 757-232-5273 for more information.


What’s a typical workout session like?
All the workout sessions will vary. We have 2 upper body days, 2 lower body days and 2 conditioning days each week. The classes will incorporate kettlebells, barbell movements, battling ropes, TRX,  plyometrics, and body weight exercises that will burn fat and increase lean muscle.

What if I cannot do some of the exercises?
Our classes are designed for participants of ALL levels of fitness. If there is an exercise you can not perform, we will show you a modified version that you will be able to do. Our coaches will work with you along your fitness journey and make sure you remain injury free while building your strength and stamina.

Come join our FIT FAM, get results and make new friends!

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