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“The trainers at Elev8 don’t just see you as another client, they genuinely care about your well being and will go that extra mile to make sure you reach your fitness goals. Thank you, Elev8!”



Three Specialists delivered the news, "You have a torn rotator that of a 21 year old athlete." I would need surgery to repair the injury. I would never be able to do a push-up, bench press, dip or pull-up again. Surgery was set for October which allowed me two months of physical therapy to improve my range of motion. I never missed a session. I was fully committed to grow stronger. I did and surgery was cancelled. I was given a second chance and I had to make better decisions. I needed a trainer. Who??


It was a Saturday afternoon when I pulled an Elev8 flyer out of my mailbox. I decided to call and got voicemail. I left a long detailed message explaining my medical issues and what I am looking for in a trainer. Later that day, Amanda returned my call and said, "I can help you." I had no idea how important that moment would become!


Today, I still have a torn rotator but I can do push-ups, pullups and dips. I bench press and squat with heavy weights. Amanda and Frankie Cabrera with Elev8 taught me proper form and made exercising fun! My body composition changed and overall health improved. The benefits are endless. I can't say enough about my experience with Elev8. I Love Fitness!

Mary Ann

Since becoming a mother of two children, I never found time to exercise and my health and fitness took a back seat.  Although I always managed to make sure my children maintained a healthy diet I dropped the ball when it came to my own eating habits and became a stress eater.  When my husband left on a 7 month deployment, I made a decision to take control of my health and get back in shape.  I went to my doctor to get a plan together for better eating habits and I got back in the gym.  I initially lost some weight under the supervision of my doctor but the weight loss wasn’t enough for me, I wanted to change my body so I decided to participate in a 2 month Corporate Challenge at Elev8 through my employer, Movement Mortgage.   This was very much out of my comfort zone, but the coaches at Elev8 made me feel very comfortable and confident and challenged me to push myself with each workout.  Each week I would feel myself getting stronger and I started noticing changes in my body that went further than just weight loss, I was building lean muscle.  In those two short months I lost 20 lbs., 14” and 6.3% body fat!  I was hooked!  I stayed committed to the workouts and healthy eating and surprised my husband when he returned home with a new and improved me.  I couldn’t have done it without the motivation from Amanda and her team at Elev8!  If I can do it ANYONE can!


In 3 months of training with Kyle, Bryan lost 15lbs and 4.5% bodyfat! Before coming to elev8, Bryan lost about 30 pounds from training consistently on his own. He wanted more direction in his plan and was ready to start focusing on building more strength while still trying to shed the last few pounds. Bryan consistently worked hard, ate well, and did everything his trainer asked to help him reach his goals. He was done with making excuses and his hard work paid off!

Prior to having kids I was in pretty good shape and participated in races and sports. After having two children I gained some weight. I no longer exercised and ate poorly. I kept telling myself that I needed to do something. I tried all sorts of diets trying to do it the easy way when I knew that diet and exercise were the only way. I went to one of Amanda’s boot camp classes and was completely worn out and didn’t return because I wasn’t ready yet! Then 6 months later I was ready and started training with Amanda.

I have a wrist injury and Amanda is able to work around it. She knows exactly what I am able to do and pushes me to get it done. She doesn’t let me give up and that’s just what I needed. I have been training with her for over 4 months and rarely do the same exercises. She gave me the tools that I needed to eat better. I feel so much better now. I have lost 20 lbs., almost 10% body fat and went from a size 16, which were really tight to a size 10. I look forward to going to the gym now and I can’t wait to see more results. Thanks Amanda!

Tammy M

I have loved doing personal training and FIT classes with Elev8. The FIT classes are not only incredibly challenging, the workout is different every class so you are never bored. I’ve come to love “hanging out” with the Elev8 fit-family and it makes working out down right fun. I found that the personal training is great for that extra push and extra attention. When I first started Amanda weighed, measured me, and calculated my body fat percentage. While training with Elev8 I’ve lost a total of 30 pounds, 16% body fat, and 8″ off my waist! I’ve done this by working out at Elev8 5x a week and I also add in my own cardio. I play racquetball once or twice a week and run at least once a week. I also do a dancing class once a week for fun cardio. I also practice yoga twice a week. I find that the more I work out the better I want to eat. I personally don’t eat completely clean but I do avoid foods with added sugar, I avoid fried foods, and any processed food is out of the question but all the while I don’t consider myself on a diet, I am just eating better for life! I journal my foods and stay under 1600 calories and this is what has helped me lose a total of 42lbs since October. I know the trainers at Elev8 can get you sorted out with a meal plan as well if that’s something you want help in, they’ve done that for my daughter!

I value the staff at Elev8 more than I can express. They have been vital to my success and I know I can count on them to see me through to my next goals! 



Its hard to find a gym that takes the extra effort to make it work!!!! Amanda and her staff have put 110% in getting me back up and running again. I left my last gym because the trainer was having scheduling problems but Amanda put Taylor on my team and i couldnt be more happier!!! Best gym at the beach by far.

The greatest gym in town! The trainers are so encouraging, supportive, and knowledgeable and the classes are always filled with friendly faces, it really feels like a family! Not to mention the AWESOME workout programs that get your tail right in to shape. The place is also spotless, very clean facility. Do yourself a favor and check it out, you won't regret it! Your body and mind will thank you!

Simply the best gym facility in the area! All the trainers are great. I do the 6am class which is great. Always mixing it up, never boring, very challenging. Amanda, the owner is awesome. Very responsive to members and genuinely cares about the facility and level of training.

I've gone to a lot of Crossfit, 24/7, Group Training programs before... never got results, never felt like I was getting the attention I needed to succeed. Elev8 is a completely different story. Not only are they constantly pushing me to achieve new heights as I strive for personal fitness, but they do it was a smile and genuine care for my health.  My wife and I have the privilege of working out here, and LOVE training with Nate and Amanda. I have, and will continue to recommend this gym to all of my friends and family! 

Amazing gym! All of the trainers are extremely nice, helpful, and motivating! The workout classes they offer are fun and can be modified for any fitness level. Amanda makes you feel right at home from day 1. So glad my friend told me about Elev8!

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