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Owner of Elev8 Fitness :: Former CrossFit Level 1 Trainer :: USAW Level 1 Sport Performance Coach :: WITS Certified Personal Trainer :: CPR/AED Certified :: CrossFit Mobility Trainer Certificate :: Pregnancy Fitness Certificate :: Licensed and Insured

Amanda believes being fit is a lifestyle. As owner of Elev8, she and her team of fitness professionals are dedicated to seeing their FIT Family get fit, and STAY fit for life. As a WITS Certified Personal Trainer for over 14 years, a former Level 1 CrossfFit Trainer, and Level 1 Sports Performance Coach (USA Weightlifting), Amanda offers a variety of programs to her clients to keep their workouts fresh and fun. She also completed the CrossFit Mobility Trainer Certificate and Pregnancy Fitness Certificate from WITS.


Amanda is a business owner and a mom of 3 boys (twin 3 year olds and a 6 year old). She has always been active and has completed numerous races such as The Tough Mudder, The Nation's Triathlon, The Rock N Roll Half Marathon, and Shamrock Half Marathon. Her love of fitness and helping others is why she chose to pursue personal training. There’s nothing better than to see confidence instilled into a person as they start seeing results.


Over the years, Amanda has trained ALL types of clients, from athletes to people who have never stepped foot in the gym. Her company offers Olympic Lifting, F.I.T. Classes, Sports and Conditioning Camps, Personal Training, Group Training, Corporate F.I.T. Classes, Bridal FIT Camps, Online Training, Nutritional Counseling, and more!


Whether you are just starting your fitness journey, or if you have been working out for years, Elev8 can help take your training to the next level!

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NASM Certified Personal Trainer :: CPR/AED Certified :: Licensed & Insured

Aaron is a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified personal trainer. He is also a husband, a father, a world traveler, and an avid hiker. Fitness is what he loves and fitness is the focus of his life path. After personally experiencing all the benefits that come along with a healthy lifestyle, it has been Aaron’s mission to share this knowledge. His methodology is simple – a proper fitness routine coupled with excellent nutrition is the key to a healthy life. As your personal trainer, Aaron will implement professional workout programs and nutrition systems and diligently work with you towards all of your fitness and health goals. Whether that be weight loss, strength training, cardiovascular endurance, mass gain or just overall health and wellness. The long journey to health can seem like a daunting task, but with the right guidance there is no goal that is unachievable. Fitness is FUN – it is Aaron’s intention for you to share those same sentiments after training with him. The greatest investment you will ever make is in yourself. Why not start now?

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Jessy Kistler

NSCA CSCS :: Nationally Qualified NPC Bikini Athlete :: Southern Powerlifting Federation Competitor :: CPR Certified :: Licensed & Insured

Jessy became a trainer to fulfill her desire to create a lifestyle that make health and wellness a priority. She believes that working out and training smart have benefits that surpass the physical appearance. As a Navy veteran and active reservist, Jessy is now a Nationally Qualified, NPC bikini athlete and powerlifter for the Southern Powerlifting Federation in the 123-weight class. As a trainer, Jessy has worked with pregnant and postpartum women, individuals with injury, youth athletes, and seniors. Jessy has worked with small groups and one on one clients from general fitness and weight loss to competition preparation. She also offers online programming.



After serving in the Navy, she completed her Personal Training and Fitness Certification at Tidewater Community College and later earned her Strength and Conditioning Certification (CSCS). She specializes in bodybuilding and strength training. Additionally, she has experience preparing individuals seeking to join the military, for their physical readiness tests.




As a wife and mother of two, having worked out through her pregnancies, Jessy knows that fitness is something meant for all ages and body types. No matter what your fitness goals are, there is room to live a healthy lifestyle for everybody. Fitness does not begin and end in the gym. Training has purpose and you carry your strength wherever you go!


ISMA Certified Personal Trainer :: CPR Certified :: Licensed & Insured


John discovered his passion for helping people get fit while serving in the U.S. Air Force. Early on in his career he was chosen to be a Physical Training Leader for his squadron, as a PTL he assisted fellow servicemen who were not reaching their PT scores, which was necessary for advancement. John worked with participants in small groups as well as one-on-one until they were able to reach their goals. 

A certified personal trainer since 2013 with the International Sports Medicine Association, John's mission for his clients are to help them achieve their goals through total health and fitness

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NASM Certified Personal Trainer :: TRX Certified :: Animal FLow Level 1 :: NASM Stretching & Flexibility Coach (NASM -SFC) :: Low-Back Pain: Prevention & Intervention Certificate :: CPR & AED Certified :: Licensed & Insured

Francesca moved from Italy 9 years ago. As soon as she arrived, she had to learn English and start her new life.  Sport was her salvation and became such a passion that it lead to a career in Personal Training.  


Her greatest satisfaction is helping people to feel confident in their skin. She views fitness as a tool to help others improve their health, wellness and overall lifestyle.


Francesca has experience and certifications coaching clients with TRX, Animal Flow, Mobility, Myofascial Release, Functional Fitness and the Rehabilitation of the lower back and knees. Her knowledge and experience of training and nutrition allows her to tailor your sessions to reach your individual goals. If you're ready to make a lifestyle change, shes ready to help!

She is also a Mom of 3, and  loves all outdoor activities. Hiking in the mountains of the Dolomites was one of her favorite things to do.  She also enjoys cooking. It is a passion, and also one of her love languages!

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NASM CPT :: CPR Certified :: Licensed & Insured

Kevin is a Navy veteran and National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer. Kevin believes that living a healthy lifestyle enhances a persons way of life and because of that he enjoys helping people get on that path.


Having always been into fitness at a young age, Kevin was determined to become a CPT and use his knowledge to help others. Whatever the goal a client may have Kevin is determined to help that client reach that goal. As a goal setter himself he knows the satisfaction that comes when completing a goal. Kevin believes fitness and nutrition are a lifestyle. When a person is able to get a grasp on both of those, the things you can achieve are limitless. Once he was able to get a hold of his fitness and nutrition, he was able to transform his own body and lifestyle to what he imagined. Now Kevin loves giving people that same motivation and knowledge to get their body and lifestyle to where they want it to be. 



ACE CPT :: CPR Certified :: Licensed & Insured


Chris loves being apart of a journey that is achieving a goal, and that is why he chose to become a personal trainer.  Chris has been working with clients over the last 10 years. He has worked with athletes from middle school through the pros to unlock new levels athleticism, strength, quickness and speed. His experience playing minor league football for 8 years has enabled him to coach athletes to become better at their craft. After investing time and training into his clients throughout their high school careers, 40 have been offered scholarships at colleges- including many at Division1 colleges.

Chris has also enjoyed helping clients achieve various fitness goals over the years from weight loss, adding muscle, conditioning or just conquering a new personal challenge. Chris can help you train for whatever goal you want to achieve!

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