Owner of Elev8 Fitness :: Former CrossFit Level 1 Trainer :: USAW Level 1 Sport Performance Coach :: WITS Certified Personal Trainer :: CPR/AED Certified :: CrossFit Mobility Trainer Certificate :: Pregnancy Fitness Certificate :: Licensed and Insured

Amanda believes being fit is a lifestyle. As owner of Elev8, she and her team of fitness professionals are dedicated to seeing their FIT Family get fit, and STAY fit for life. As a WITS Certified Personal Trainer for over 14 years, a former Level 1 CrossfFit Trainer, and Level 1 Sports Performance Coach (USA Weightlifting), Amanda offers a variety of programs to her clients to keep their workouts fresh and fun. She also completed the CrossFit Mobility Trainer Certificate and Pregnancy Fitness Certificate from WITS.


Amanda is a military spouse and mom of 3 boys under the age of 4. She has always been active and has completed numerous races such as The Tough Mudder, The Nation's Triathlon, The Rock N Roll Half Marathon, and Shamrock Half Marathon. Her love of fitness and helping others is why she chose to pursue personal training. There’s nothing better than to see confidence instilled into a person as they start seeing results. Over the years, Amanda has trained ALL types of clients, from athletes to people who have never stepped foot in the gym. Her company offers Olympic Lifting, F.I.T. Classes, Sports and Conditioning Camps, Personal Training, Group Training, Corporate F.I.T. Classes, Bridal FIT Camps, Online Training, Nutritional Counseling, and more! Whether you are just starting your fitness journey, or if you have been working out for years, Elev8 can help take your training to the next level!


NSCA Certified Personal Trainer :: CPR/AED Certified :: Licensed & Insured

Nick has been a certified personal trainer through the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA-CPT) for the last seven years. He has worked with hundreds of individuals across the world both in person and online from: multiple Navy SEALS & various special operators, mixed martial artists, first responders & law enforcement, athletes of all levels (collegiate, high school, youth), powerlifters, pre and post natal clientele, cancer/remission patients, a paraplegic, and special needs youth. He has also programed for and coached various youth and adult large group training classes, mentored a handful of personal interns, and been a guest speaker for corporate wellness events, training facilities, and college campuses.

Originally from Orange County, CA, his interest in fitness and the science of training started as a high school wrestler. As he moved onto the next level and accepted an athletic scholarship to wrestle at Liberty University, he chose Kinesiology (Exercise Science) as his field of study. During his time as a collegiate wrestler, Nick was an NCAA D1 National Championship qualifier, East Regional Conference Champion, NCWA All-American, and also served as team captain. After wrestling, he centered his focus on developing as a coach and took on an internship with a D1 Football Program’s Strength & Conditioning Department to be mentored under a former NFL strength coach and work hands on with multiple NFL prospects. Nick has also competed and won tournaments in Raw Powerlifting and Jiu Jitsu.


BS, Exercise Science :: ACSM-CPT :: NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist :: USAW Level 1 Sports Performance Coach :: CPR Certified :: Licensed & Insured

Kathy became a trainer to help others become more confident both inside and outside of the gym. She offers a fun, motivational, educational, and non-intimidating approach to fitness. She believes that fitness is so much more than just physical and the strength you build inside the gym will carry over to all aspects of your life.  Corrective exercise strategies are included within her programming to set you up for ultimate success. Her goal is to have you feel more like yourself and appreciate your body for all that it is capable of. It starts with one single step. 

She sees it as a privilege to be a part of your story and help you accomplish your goals. For her, there is no greater feeling than watching her clients learn and grow throughout their individual journeys. It is her mission to help you find balance with your health and every day life.  She hopes to inspire others to fall in love with fitness, just as she has.


ISMA Certified Personal Trainer :: CPR Certified :: Licensed & Insured


John discovered his passion for helping people get fit while serving in the U.S. Air Force. Early on in his career he was chosen to be a Physical Training Leader for his squadron, as a PTL he assisted fellow servicemen who were not reaching their PT scores, which was necessary for advancement. John worked with participants in small groups as well as one-on-one until they were able to reach their goals. 

A certified personal trainer since 2013 with the International Sports Medicine Association, John's mission for his clients are to help them achieve their goals through total health and fitness

Jessy Kistler

NSCA CSCS :: Nationally Qualified NPC Bikini Athlete :: Southern Powerlifting Federation Competitor :: CPR Certified :: Licensed & Insured

Jessy is a Navy veteran and active, Nationally Qualified, NPC bikini athlete as well as powerlifter for the Southern Powerlifting Federation in the 123 weight class.


After serving in the Navy, she completed her Personal Training and Fitness Certification at Tidewater Community College and later earning her Strength and Conditioning Certification (CSCS). She specializes in bodybuilding and strength training. She has also prepared individuals seeking to join the military in preparation for their physical readiness tests.


Jessy became a trainer to fulfill her desire to help others reach their full potential. She earned her Bachelors in Psychology from Regent University and believes strength begins with mindset. Sports Psychology is a tool for athletes to use to break the ceiling of their full potential by combining specific strategies to maximize performance.



As a wife and mother of two, having worked out through two pregnancies, Jessy believes that fitness is something that’s meant for all ages and body types. No matter what your goals are there is room for a healthy lifestyle for everybody. Jessy has worked with small groups and one on one clients in everything from general fitness and weight loss to various competition preparation while  also offering online programming as well. Fitness does not begin and end in the gym. Training has purpose and you carry your strength wherever you go!


NASM CPT :: Triathlon Coach :: Iyengar Yoga Certified :: Member of International Sports Medicine Association :: Aerobics and Fitness of America AFAA :: CPR Certified :: Licensed & Insured

Sherry is a high energy, result oriented, Certified Personal Training professional with over 20 years experience in personal training and a variety of classes including spinning, body sculpting, kickboxing and sports conditioning. Sherry recently sold her gym in New Jersey after getting married and relocating to Virginia Beach to join her husband as he finishes out his career in the Navy.  Her passion to help others reach their potential and goals is what drives her. If you are interested in training for a race, improving your body composition, or increasing flexibility through Yoga, she can help. Sherry has completed 6 full Ironmans, 5 half Ironmans, 2 Olympic Triathlons, 8 Sprint Triathlons and 12 Marathons.

Sherry  believes the best part of her job is helping her clients achieve results, while watching them grow stronger physically and mentally. One client in particular comes to Sherry's mind- a woman who during her first session could only accomplish light stretching has now completed a triathlon! She looks forward to helping you stay motivated through customized fitness plans, accountability, and making fitness a lifestyle.  


B.S. Kinesiology (ECU, endorsed by the NSCA) :: CSCS :: EXOS XPT Performance Specialist :: CPR/AED/Ocean Rescue :: SSI Open Water Diver

Rhett attended college at East Carolina University and received his Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology, and also played on their hockey team. After finishing his undergrad, Rhett moved to Los Angeles to intern with EXOS (formerly Athletes Performance). During this time, he was able to work with top-level professional, collegiate, and Olympic athletes and grow as a coach. After his time in EXOS, he transferred to the University of Vermont working with various sports teams including lacrosse, hockey, swimming, and track.


Later on in Rhett’s training career, he served as a coach at Prentiss Hockey Performance in Connecticut working with NHL, college and prep school hockey players during their off-season training. Amongst his experience working in athletics, his client roster in the private setting also has included former Special Forces, first responders, Ironmen, and general populations looking to enhance their lives.


Currently he contracts with O2X Human Performance traveling to different fire department locations and sharing information that can help firefighters enhance their performance and career longevity. Whether you are an inspiring athlete or a beginner searching for guidance on working out, Rhett has the knowledge and experience to help you reach your goals.


ACE CPT :: CPR Certified :: Licensed & Insured


Chris loves being apart of a journey that is achieving a goal, and that is why he chose to become a personal trainer.  Chris has been working with clients over the last 10 years. He has worked with athletes from middle school through the pros to unlock new levels athleticism, strength, quickness and speed. His experience playing minor league football for 8 years has enabled him to coach athletes to become better at their craft. After investing time and training into his clients throughout their high school careers, 40 have been offered scholarships at colleges- including many at Division1 colleges.

Chris has also enjoyed helping clients achieve various fitness goals over the years from weight loss, adding muscle, conditioning or just conquering a new personal challenge. Chris can help you train for whatever goal you want to achieve!

Jocelyn Sidwell Holman

NASM CPT :: Certified Health Coach :: NASM FNS :: NASM BCS :: CPR Certified :: Licensed & Insured

In 2012 Jocelyn developed her practice, Level Lifestyle. Level Lifestyle focuses on a healthy food relationship while prioritizing plant foods to optimize clean eating. Her passion for fitness led her to become certified with NASM in 2015. She has taken her desire to improve her client’s overall well-being with an in-home practice, online coaching, along with coaching fitness and nutrition classes at several gyms in the area.

 She prides herself in proper movement and motivating her clients to surpass their goals. She loves to coach functional fitness and how to use your body properly along with HIIT classes. She enjoys living the lifestyle of fitness, nutrition and wellness. Her fitness and food motivation along with mindset will help you achieve the same.


ISSA Certified Personal Trainer :: Certified Spin Instructor :: CPR Certified :: Licensed & Insured

Lynnette coaches to a lifestyle that allows you to reach your goals while not placing strict restrictions on diet. Having a family of her own, she understands how important it is to have balance and be able to enjoy life without feeling guilty. She will work with you to eliminate barriers that prevent you from getting the proper exercise and make decisions that will positively influence your new lifestyle. She defines success according to how you feel and doesn’t like to solely focus on the number on the scale. She has a knack for recognizing people’s capacity and will push you to give your all each time you train with her. As a mom of two she has experience working out before, during and after pregnancy and is eager to assist others who want to safely maintain working out during pregnancy. Over the past two years Lynnette has been programming her own fitness workouts and grown to helping others. In addition to training she is also a spin instructor.


NASM Certified Personal Trainer :: WLS (Weight Loss Specialization) NASM :: CNC in Nutrition :: CPR & AED Certified :: Licensed & Insured

Jenn is a National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer, and an American Council on exercise group fitness instructor. She also is a CNC in nutrition, WLS in weight loss through NASM, has a background in kickboxing, Women in Weights, strength and conditioning, Olympic lifting and performance enhancement training.


Jenn has been a personal trainer and group exercise instructor for over 5 years, and has also worked with a variety of clients from injury prevention to post surgery and weight loss. She is currently a Fitness Specialist on Naval Air Station Oceana and has worked within the military community including working as a Fitness Specialist for 3 years in Rota, Spain. 


Jenn got into bodybuilding and weight lifting after college, and she's a lover of lifting heavy weights and pull-ups. She is from Seattle, WA originally, but has spent the last 10 years overseas. Jenn loves anything outdoors and of course spending time with her dog, Kevin. No matter what your fitness goal is, Jenn has the experience and background to help!


NSCA TSAC-F :: NASM Certified Personal Trainer :: BS, Health Sciences :: USAW Sports Performance Coach :: ST Blood Flow Restriction Level 1 :: former Crossfit Level 1 Trainer :: AMA BLS/AED :: Licensed & Insured

Warren is a veteran of the military and that is where his fitness journey started. “Growing up I never played organized sports but through the military I realized the increasing importance of exercise/nutrition education and always being ready for anything.” He started where many young guys usually start in the gym…. upper body! Working out his arms, chest, back and neglected his little tiny legs. His time in the Navy gave him exposure to different fitness training plans and jobs, which helped him understand that he should be more well-rounded. As an Independent Health Care provider in the Navy it became even more relevant when he was taking care of military personnel. “Exercise and diet have an incredible effect on your body and many disease processes. You just have to commit to a lifestyle change.” Warren has been fortunate enough to work with some of the best Strength Coaches, Athletic Trainer’s and Physical Therapists in our military.   “You must resist the temptation to compare yourself with others who have different lives and different goals. Be the best version of yourself. Inspire others through your fitness dedication and always be humble. I love helping people and want to assist anyone who wants to increase their fitness and reach their goals.” He is a currently studying for his Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist certification. 

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