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Exercising during pregnancy can help relieve stress, fight gestational diabetes and may help you have an easier pregnancy and delivery. You can continue to work out as often as you do, but, if necessary, you should reduce the intensity level to the point that you’re able to carry on a conversation comfortably during your workout.

Owner of Trainers On Call, Amanda Crowe, has a certificate in Pregnancy Fitness and continued to work out for the duration of her pregnancy. We also have other female trainers on our team that have trained pre and post natal clients. We recommend that you get your doctor’s approval before starting an exercise program. Staying healthy and fit during your pregnancy is beneficial for both you and your baby. Your pregnant self will thank you when you’re leaner, more energetic, and have fewer aches and pains than you would sans exercise. And so will your baby! Studies have shown that children who were exposed to exercise in utero are less likely to be overweight and are at a lower risk for diabetes. Exercise is not only a way to start connecting with your baby, but it’s a way for you to stay connected to your own body.

For more information on getting started, call 757-232-5273 or click here to sign up for a FREE consultation and workout!

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